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Ezine Strategies for Email Newsletter Publishers

CAN-SPAM New Rules Require Single Action Email Opt-Out, Designated Senders - 4 Tips
[Management] There are (4) new rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission that amend the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 that you should know about. Don't have time to read the 109 page memo? Check out this quick article to give you the basics in a few minutes.

Interview with Tad Clarke - MarketingSherpa Editorial Director - Email Newsletter Time Investments
[Management] Tad Clarke, Editorial Director for MarketingSherpa said that a typical newsletter they produce involves 1-2 hours of research, 1-5 hours writing each story, the submission of each story to an editor and someone who formats the work...resulting in a total of about 16-20 hours PER newsletter. Discover what he thinks are the (3) things you must absolutely test in your email newsletter:

MarketingSherpa President Advocates Email Newsletter Investments Based on Best Friend Theory
[Management] While at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit in Miami, I was able to catch up with Eric Stockton, President of MarketingSherpa... to discuss the state of email newsletter strategies and how MarketingSherpa uses ezines to drive community engagement and be of 'service' to their membership.

MarketingSherpa Releases Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes 7-12
[Management] In an effort to promote their upcoming 3rd annual Em@il Summit '08 in Miami (that I'll be attending as well), the experts over at MarketingSherpa have released their dirty dozen mistakes that they believe nearly everyone makes. Here are the last (6) of their "Dirty Dozen" along with my comments:

MarketingSherpa Releases Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes 1-6
[Management] In an effort to promote their upcoming 3rd annual Em@il Summit '08 in Miami (that I'll be attending as well), the experts over at MarketingSherpa have released their dirty dozen mistakes that they believe nearly everyone makes. Here are the first (6) of their "Dirty Dozen" along with my comments:

Email Newsletter Volume and Numbering Schemes - What's The Rule To Follow?
[Content] Kathy writes: "I have been creating an e-zine for the past five months and now that we are in a new year do not know if I should change the volume number, along with the issue number, now that we're in a new year. Can you tell me the rules about this?" Yes, I can help. Read on...

Ezine Topics- What To Send Your Email Newsletter Audience This and Next Week?
[Content] The EOY (End Of Year) time is a great reason to send a series of email newsletters that answers various questions relating to the end of a period of time and the future outlook for the next year. Here are (6) new ezine content topic ideas for you to consider:

Cyber Monday Email Volume Up 54 Percent - Unsub Best Practice Review
[Management] According to the Retail Email blog (Chad White), they found in that 68% of retailers in their survey sent out a Cyber-Monday promotion compared to 44% last year (54% increase). In addition, 25% of retailers in their survey sent promotional emails the Sunday before compared to 12% last year (108% increase). Read on to learn more about best practices for handling unsub requests.

Email Delivery Frequency During The Holidays Can Burn Ya
[Management] With the holiday shopping season in full gear, many retail and e-tailers have already had a strong October and November sales rush thanks largely in part to their email marketing efforts. When consumer buying budgets are blown, many e-tailers turn to increasing their email frequency with hopes to gently brow beat their prospects & clients into buying. There's a better way:

MailerMailers Email Marketing Metrics Report Recommends Personalized Subject Lines
[Content] Recently Email Service Provider (ESP) MailerMailer released an email metrics report on the first half of this year. To save you some time from reading all 28 pages of this report, I'm going to give you the quick highlights:

Email Reputation More Important Than Content To Improve Email Deliverability Performance
[Content] Your reputation determines your email deliverability more so than your content... at least that's the finding of a recent Lyris ISP Deliverability Report card for 1st quarter 2007. Two things that can improve your email campaign and newsletter results are:

List-Slaughter or Why Email List Repurposing Is Bad
[Management] There are two types of evil when it comes email newsletter publishers who repurpose their email lists: Type 1) Intentionally misleading and no true respect for the privacy of their list member and Type 2) List-slaughter is where they unintentionally come to the realization that the current ezine relationship isn't working for their business interests any more so they take liberties that they know are wrong.

Email Newsletter Topical Ideas For 2007 - 5 Quick Strategies
[Content] If you've run out of 'good' ideas for topics for your next email newsletter, today you're going to discover my top 5 favorite ways to pick new ezine topics and a link to another article of 20 more new ezine topical ideas for you to leverage.

Ezine Publishing: To Include Personal Info or Not?
[Content] Many times I come to an email newsletter to get a specific outcome, such as being more informed, keeping up on trends, picking up a new strategy to test, or simply being entertained... and lately I've noticed handfuls of ezine publishers who have a hard time realizing that I didn't give them permission to tell me about their personal life... on and on and on and on... You get the point.

Email Newsletter From Field - Ezine Brand Management
[Strategy] There's an ezine mistake that I've been seeing more of lately and while my solution to it may not apply to many of the tens of thousands of readers of Ezine-Tips; For the few dozen to a hundred who are doing this brand mistake, I hope it improves your ezine management and branding experience.

Boost Your Email Newsletter Subscription Conversions With This Smart Ezine Strategy
[Strategy] Discover two strategies to improve your ezine subscription conversion rate. Your email newsletter conversion rate is the number of new subscriptions you receive divided by the total number of unique visitors to your website (or squeeze page) each day.

False Positives Declining - Lyris's ISP Email Deliverability Report for Q2 2006
[Strategy] Even after you've done everything you can as a responsible email newsletter publisher or permission-based email marketer (such as watching your email content, mailing history/frequency and list hygiene), false-positives are still a serious threat to your ability to get your emails delivered.

All-In-One Ezine Publishing System by Patsi Krakoff Reviewed
[Resources] Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. and Denise Wakeman run something called the "Blog Squad" and they also have recently released an All-In-One Ezine Publishing training system for $197 USD (at the time of this review). Is it worth it? I got my hands on it and have read it cover-to-cover to share my thoughts on it.

Ezine Publishing Design For The Email Preview Pane
[Format] "The biggest challenge facing online marketers today is to design for the preview pane and ever-shrinking real estate of the email inbox," said Stefan Pollard, Director of Consulting, EmailLabs in a recent media release. I do agree that it's a major challenge for ezine publishers and let's give it some attention today by considering how to improve your email newsletter template to address the preview pane's impact.

Email Newsletter Production - Should You Find Someone Else To Publish Your Ezine?
[Content] Should you risk outsourcing your ezine production to a 3rd party? Here are my thoughts for those with and without a marketing brain. :)