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Re: [epub] exclusive mailings
From: Ed Justice <>

From Ed Justice <>

>I need some suggestions and input from you.
>Although I have been selling ads in my newsletter,
>I have a request from a subscriber for a one-time
>exclusive mailing.    
>I am inclined to provide this as an option for advertisers,
>but not sure how to price the cost of the mailing.   I feel
>it should be worth considerably more than an individual
>classified ad in the regular newsletter. 
>Also,  I am concerned with alienating subscribers with
>the additional publication and no useful content.
>Please give me your thoughts.

Hello Everyone,

Larry, what you really have to decide is, are you in business to make a
profit and run your own business, or are you going to let your subscribers
run your business for you!

If you do decide that your subscribers are going to run your business, then
my feeling is that you might as well just give away ad space to all your
subscribers and/or let them dictate your business direction, but if you are
in business to make a profit, well, good luck!

We do send out Exclusive Emailings and YES, we do have a list of removes
after each one, just as we do after each ezine mailing, but that is a
natural occurance if you have any sized list at all and the way I figure
it, is that with each remove, that just makes the list that much more a
targeted list.  People who are looking for ideas, and not just the same old
gossip or articles that all the other ezines have each issue, so what we
offer is ideas/options for our subscribers with each edition or Exclusive

We charge $95.00 for an Exclusive mailing and get them on a pretty regular
basis.  We allow only two a week on top of our regular weekly ezine issue.
Our list currently consists of right at 7,000 subscribers and maybe a few
more now actually.  We have from 20 to 50 ads in each ezine issue.

YES, we make a profit, a pretty nice profit, but as everyone here knows
there are also time considerations too.  Well, I actually expect to pay for
my time and make a profit on top of that too, don't you?

I know that our ezine is not the best out there, as far as many are
concerned, but then what is it that you and your subscribers are looking
for in an ezine.  We target the new entrepreneur as they need lots of help,
and lots of the items that our advertisers and ourselves have to offer, now
what you have to decide is, what exactly is it that your subscriber is
looking for and are you in business to make a profit, and to decide on how
you are going to run your business, or are you going to let your
subscribers run your business for you?

I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but I felt that you had to get it
straight Larry!

Good Luck with whatever you decide!

Ed Justice

P.S.  We are so busy, that I haven't even had the time to write the home
page completely yet!

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