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Re: [epub] trouble getting listed with altavista
From: "Siteria" <>

Hi Jackie!
When I submitted my site to altavista, it said that it could take up to
60days. I have yet to receive a reply back from them, and I'm pretty sure it
must be over a month now. Just out of interest, where did you submit to
altavista from?? I've heard rumours (I don't know if they're true.....) that
if you use a submission wizard, then some search engines don't inlcude you.
Maybe altavista is one of these, so you might want to try submitting it
manually. Does anyone else know if these rumours are indeed true??

Ben Park
Owner/Writer/Designer of Siteria ( )
Email :
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-----Original Message-----
From: ja hale <>
To: <>
Date: 12 December 1999 22:56
Subject: [epub] trouble getting listed with altavista

>From: ja hale <>
>HI everyone,
>I've been submitting the affiliated website to my
>ezine to altavista almost every other day for about 3
>weeks now.  They have yet to pick me up.  Has anyone
>else had this experience or does anyone have any
>advice they could give me?
>Thank you very much
>jackie hale
>The Balanced Woman

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