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Re: [epub] PDF newsletter publishers?
From: "Siteria" <>

Hi Bobbi
I agree with Ray - it would be a big file not only to send, but I'm sure
your readers would complain if they had huge attachments being sent to them.
I find that normally if people want to include pics in their newsletter,
upload them somewhere on the net, and link them into the html of the page.
This of course, means that your readers have to be able to read HTML (so no
AWOL then).


Ben Park
Owner/Writer/Designer of Siteria ( )
Email :
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-----Original Message-----
From: <>
To: Bobbi Chukran <>;
Date: 14 December 1999 16:48
Subject: Re: [epub] PDF newsletter publishers?

>My two cents:
>if your newsletter goes out by Email, attaching a PDF would be
>cumbersome and bulky, since even a small file gets huge in PDF.
>However, if you publish to PDF and stick it on your website, then
>your email version could serve more as a preview of the full PDF
>version at the website.
>On 13 Dec 99, at 14:33, Bobbi Chukran wrote:
>> From: Bobbi Chukran <>
>> Hi folks,
>> Is there anyone on this list that is publishing a newsletter in PDF
>> format? Or, do you know of anyone on the web who is doing this?
>> It occurred to me that the reason I'm not terribly fond of e-mail
>> newsletters is the lack of artwork, photos, etc.  Of course, I'm
>> looking at it from the viewpoint of a long-time print publication
>> publisher.  And with gardening subjects, sometimes you *need* photos.
>> Can anyone think of any reason why you couldn't publish a newsletter
>> in PDF format?  Is anyone else on the list thinking of doing this?
>> Bobbi C.
>> -----------
>> Bobbi Chukran
>> Home of "The Country Cottage Herb Gardener"
>> A free e-mail newsletter on herb gardening, cooking and crafts.
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>Ray Whiting
>Publisher, Two Scoops

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