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[epub] Paid subscribers & how to do it
From: "Debbie Adams" <>

I haven't written in a while, but the thread about having paid
subscriptions eventually worked its way through my clogged brain.

Homefires Hearth is up to 2600 subscribers since the first issue
went out April 30, 1999.  I have 3 ad spaces.  November was well in
that I sold most of my ads, but I'm empty again!

Anyhow, I was thinking of starting a paid ad-free version of
Homefires Hearth and charging $12/year for it.  Even just a couple
of hundred subs switching to that version would help my income
considerably.  I may ask my readership soon if there is any

If there is, there are a number of questions/difficulties I need to
work through before I start the new version.

1.  Payment.  I could open up a separate bank account for
subscriptions, but I'd also like to accept credit cards and I don't
know where to begin with that one!

2.  Accounting - keeping track of subscription start dates, email
addys, ending dates, renewals, taxes, etc.

3.  Any other problems I'd encounter.

Anyone who'd like to write me offlist about this matter, or
advertising in my current issue, or ad swaps with me, I'd love to
hear from you.

Debbie Adams
Homefires Hearth, the weekly ezine for Christian homemakers.  To
subscribe,  go to or send
an e-mail to

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