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Re: [epub] Domain hosting
From: Success Solutions <>

Hi Everyone & Happy New Year!

I've read the various posts about domain hosting and 
thought I'd put my 2 cents worth in. :)

Those who mentioned that you pay for what you get,
are right!  I changed my domain host this last Sept.
after looking around and actually talking to several

I have resisted the urge to go to one of the newsletter
hosting companies for several reasons, the main one
being I prefer being in control.  I much prefer sending
my newsletter (Success Solutions Globalzine) out
myself via my ISP/domain host company.  

Since switching to for my ISP and
domain hosting I have had no problems. They have
ongoing phone and email tech support 7 days a 
week and late into the evening.  Their tech support
is pretty sharp with helping out, and if the tech support
can't help,, then you actually can get in touch with
the chief webmaster/guru incharge. VERY knowledgable
and helpful.  

When looking for my new host I wanted to be able
to have a way to check the system status, which they
have available right on their members area website.
Along with short messages from those in charge with
regards to any planned system checks, etc.

For my needs, I required more than just the "basics".
I have paid for cheaper service and was disappointed,
now I pay for great service and they deliver.

For a professional package I get the following, all for
$29.95 per month:

100MB for my website
20 pop email accounts
webbased control panel (which is helpful if your away from home)
Frontpage extensions
Secure facilities
24hr monitoring
daily backups
all the normal services you would expect a host to provide and then some
( you get a discount on dialup services when you host with them )

Bare in mind I publish my regular issue of my newsletter
in 2 parts every Monday and at 1300+ subscribers,  that's
quite alot of email going out. Also, I send out at least
one, sometimes 2 or 3 Solo mailings each week. I also recieve
anywhere between 1000 and 2000 pieces of email everyday.
And I have had no problems with them saying I am using
too much bandwidth. :)

After 2 years of paying less, but having a ton of problems
and virtually no tech support, I have finally found a service
that delivers on their promises.

When looking for a domain host be sure to remember,
cheap isn't always best. :)

God Bless,

Evonne Llewellyn
Success Solutions
Publisher: Success Solutions Globalzine

At 03:44 PM 12/31/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>From: MJ Fishkind <>
>I've used for a year now. Never had any
>problems with them. They're a great company, awesome
>tech support, and great prices. I've been in the ISP
>business for over 4 yrs, I won't host with anyone
>Be careful when going through webhosting lists. That's
>how I found This company was my nightmare,
>before I found 1-host. Apparently, I'm not the only one
>who has had the same experience...
>At 06:25 PM 12/30/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>From: "Debbie Adams" <>
>>My Homefires Hearth website is currently at
>> Unfortunately, to be
>>taken seriously nowdays, one needs a domain name.  So I'm looking
>>at webhosting services.  I can't afford much, nor do I need that
>>much - maybe just a 20MB site, unlimited traffic and 3 pop3 mail
>>accounts and I need it as inexpensive as possible but reliable.
>>I've tried wading through a search, but I'm getting dizzy.  Is
>>there anywhere I can go for a central search?  Does anyone have
>>an inexpensive webhost that is wonderful?  I'm especially
>>interested in those rare Christian webhosts.
>>You're welcome to write me offlist if you wish.
>>Debbie Adams
>>Homefires Hearth, the weekly ezine for Christian homemakers.  To
>>subscribe,  go to or
>>send an e-mail to

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Re: [epub] Domain hosting MJ Fishkind
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