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Re: [epub] hosting services??
From: "Prismatic" <>

I have 20 domains with CI Host...all down.  Spoke to them this morning and
they said it was the DNS servers and that all should be up in 12-15 hours.

Some of my clients are balistic, but this stuff happens and I went through 5
hosting services before sticking with CI Host.  So, I'm with Cathy in that
none of them are perfect.

Also, they are extremely helpful on the phone and have gone the extra mile
for me or a client more than once and I appreciate that.  The hold times can
be aggravating unless you catch them in the wee hours, but I've had the same
problem with all tech support lines, no matter the product or service.

My 2 cents...

Deborah (when its live!)

From: Cathy Stucker <>
>Ray, I'm also with CI Host.  They just told me (at 2:15 p.m. CST) that one
>server is up and the other should be up within about an hour.
>Overall, I've been happy with CI Host.  You get lots of bennies for a
>relatively small cost, and it generally has been reliable service.  I know
>of lots of other people who have had major problems (like this one) with
>other services, so I don't think there is anywhere that is "safe".
>I also received the solicitation from another company, as you did.  Very
>odd, but clever of them.  I'm just not sure I'd want to try to move
>everything that quickly if I don't have to.
>Cathy Stucker
>  (At least, once it's back up!)
>At 04:47 PM 12/30/1999 -0600, Ray Whiting wrote:
>>From: "Ray Whiting" <>
>>I use CI Host ( after disappointments with other
>>My hosting service (not just my own server but the main hosting service
>>website) has been down 24 hours, and I just got a bizarre note from a
>>competitor indicating my hosting service is down and soliciting my
>>business switching over to their service.  Makes it sound like the whole
>>world knows the host is down, making it sound like it's not coming back
>>Is anyone else hosting at, and what does anyone know about
>>the problem or cause?
>Cathy Stucker, The Idea Lady(tm)
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