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Re: [epub] hosting services??
From: Eva Almeida <>

Hi Ray and Cathy,

I just have to comment on this one.  I have been with CIHost since
last October and had no complaints until just recently.  True, they
usually didn't know what needed fixing easily, but I didn't need
customer support that often over the past year.

But I have been very disappointed in their service in December.
My email was bouncing back to all my clients and business
associates, which they did fix.  Then I couldn't FTP to my site
for 5 days, then my whole site was down for 3 days (no
email either!)  What really bothers me is that I never received
an email from them warning me of what was coming and they
always said that it would be fixed by the night that I phoned.

If something like this can happen to a top-rated webhost than
it can happen to all.  I think that it is a good idea to have back-up
email services that you can fall back on.  

The reason it was down is that they were transferring all the domains
to a new server, which took them MUCH longer than they had

Happy New Year!

Eva Almeida, Publisher
The Marketing Edge Tip-Zine

At 02:18 PM 12/31/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>From: Cathy Stucker <>
>Ray, I'm also with CI Host.  They just told me (at 2:15 p.m. CST) that one
>server is up and the other should be up within about an hour.  
>Overall, I've been happy with CI Host.  You get lots of bennies for a
>relatively small cost, and it generally has been reliable service.  I know
>of lots of other people who have had major problems (like this one) with
>other services, so I don't think there is anywhere that is "safe".

>At 04:47 PM 12/30/1999 -0600, Ray Whiting wrote:
>>From: "Ray Whiting" <>
>>I use CI Host ( after disappointments with other 
>>My hosting service (not just my own server but the main hosting service 
>>website) has been down 24 hours, and I just got a bizarre note from a 
>>competitor indicating my hosting service is down and soliciting my 
>>business switching over to their service.  Makes it sound like the whole 
>>world knows the host is down, making it sound like it's not coming back 
>>Is anyone else hosting at, and what does anyone know about 
>>the problem or cause? 

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Re: [epub] hosting services?? Ray Whiting
[epub] hosting services?? Ray Whiting
Re: [epub] hosting services?? Cathy Stucker
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