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Re: [epub] Re: ezine publication issues
From: Cathy Stucker <>

At 02:02 AM 2/23/2000 EST, wrote:
>I would be interested in knowing your viewpoints and/or experience regarding 
>some ezine design issues. eg.,
>-  Length of each issue (have you experimented with different lengths to
>a different retention/attrition rate?  What is your length and what do you 
>feel is optimal?  I know for me, I prefer shorter than longer but that is 
>just my preference.)

I agree that shorter is better.  I am more likely to read a short ezine, so
I publish a short ezine.  It is one article, about 400 - 800 words long.
When they are long, with several articles, I'm more likely to think I'll
come back to it "later"--and you know what that means!

>-  Frequency (have you experiemented with different frequencies - weekly vs 
>every other week vs. daily, etc.  how "sensitive" do you think your  
>readership is to frequency?)

I like weekly, so I publish every Tuesday.  People seem to like knowing
when to expect it.

>-  "Must have" sections vs. "nice to have" sections (eg., do you think
>an "editor's corner" is a must have or nice to have?  what the sections in 
>your ezine do you feel are "must haves"?)

My ezine doesn't have "sections".  It is one article, usually followed by
one ad (mine), distributed as text.  My purpose is, like yours, to create
awareness of my business and services.  The ezine itself is not done for
profit, but to encourage profits in other areas.

>Also would love to know approx. how much time you spend in 
>publishing/disseminating your ezine on a weekly basis?

Very little.  About an hour or less to write, a little less for admin and
distribution.  Right now, I'm doing most of the admin manually, although
that wasn't always the case.  Fortunately, the admin is mostly adds (very
few unsubs) and setting up the ezine to send.

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[epub] Re: ezine publication issues Mydenise
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