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Re: [epub] Re: LOOPS
From: "Online secrets,marketingdreams" <>

Hi list

what I am going to say might sound silly, but it
worked for me.

For a while every time I send out my zine people
received from 15 to 40 copies, I received 6 myself 
when I sent to my e mail. It is with Topica

I was using IE5 as always.

I decided to try using netscape only when I am
sending the zine, amazingly, it worked, one 
single copy to each sub including me.

Was that a mere coincedence, may be, but I don't
think so, it worked more than once while IE5 was
still doing it.

Try and see, and please let me know

All the best

Osama Taha

--- Dirk Dupon <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I also got 5 copie of my own newsletter. And I was
> not 
> able to log in to my Onelist account the last two
> days. 
> I emailed the Onelist help center, but got no reply.
> It's 2 
> days ago now! Talking about improved service...
> I know they're doing a major update, but what about
> us, poor list owners? Any others who experienced 
> such problems there?
> Dirk Dupon
> >Message: 8
> >   Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 18:26:46 -0800
> >   From:
> >Subject: Re: LOOPS
> >
> >What service do you use to send out your ezine?
> Onelist just did some
> >major updating due to there merger with egroups. I
> use onelist myself,
> >and in fact I recieved 5 copies of my own list. I
> don't know if it was
> >related to the merger or not but it seems likely.

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Re: [epub] Re: LOOPS Lynn A. Johnson
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