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[epub] SPAMMERS what can i do when they use my email
  • To: epub@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [epub] SPAMMERS what can i do when they use my email
  • From: "A H" <alhims@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 17:28:48 -0000
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From: "A H" <>

HI everyone,

 I have an ezine called SBAHG!  I had a member begin to
send emails to me after visiting my page and "grabbing"
the address of another email account i use for certain contact with
 I got quite a few from him, 12 in one day.
they all said from  "markinet"

i recognized him as a member of my zine and replied to remove me.
got 12 more......

So i contacted him via the ezine site. forwarded me 12 more... 
LOL  yep  12 more.

So, being the moderator, i removed him from the group so
i would get no more emails.  WRONG!!
 SOB went to a different site in my loop and got another !!

Now i'm ticked......He SPAMMED ME!! with the ridiculous offer
that if i send 5 bucks to 3 people for reports,
i can copy the email and get 5 bucks everytime too.

I want no part in scams  lol!!!

What upset me most was my email address showing up along
with 250 other names, all because he didn't know what BCC is for!!!

 I replied that i wasn't impressed with his actions and remove me
from his list immediatly.  told him his e mail habits needed work
and he should watch out cause someone else might report him.

 I guess he figured i had done this already because i now
have 3 different email accounts frozen. 1 is an autoresponder.
I'm hoping they will let me in to retrieve my messages before
its all sent to cyber heaven. I have some important stuff!!

Can someone tell me what to do about this guy??
Should i send an email to all my affiliate groups
NOW before he really messes me up?
HELP !!!  If you have a solution.

Has anyone else with an ezine had this happen?

How did you handle it?

What can i do?

Got any suggestions?

I will accept A PERSONAL REPLY here on this subject.

(I'm not gonna get spammed am i)  lol

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Re: [epub] SPAMMERS what can i do when they use my email HMS
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