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Re: [epub] when do the numbers come?
From: "Tom Meininger" <>


Here are some tips that I've found effective to drawing traffic to your site
and gaining more subscribers:

1. Don't just offer information in your e-zine... also have content on your
web site.  If people get a taste of what is in your e-zine by looking at
your web site, they will be more likely to sign up.

2. Add a variety of content to your site and promote it as much as you can.
A lot of people think that submitting their sites to search engines and
links pages will draw instant traffic to their site.  In reality though,
many sites won't even rank on search engines... and if they do, they won't
get much traffic unless they are in the top 100 or so.  I run an advertising
program through a site called ClickXChange (,
and it has proven to be a nice way of getting some extra hits on my site.

3. Always be sure to include your web site's url in the signature files,
whether it's on a message board, email, or anything else... it is another
good way to get some extra hits on your site.  For example, I'm sure
somebody will read this email and visit my site via the link in my
signature... there is always going to be a curious reader that will follow
your link.

Although theses methods may not get you thousands of new visitors and
subscribers, they WILL get you some... and over time it really builds up.
When I started out, things were moving slow.  I was thinking I'd never get
anyone going to my site.  As time passed though, more and more people were
visiting my site every day.  Now my site's daily traffic practically doubles
every 2 to 3 weeks.  Of course, my site is still fairly small and doesn't
compare to many of the big, high traffic web sites on the net... but I think
if I stick with it, keep improving the site and promoting it.. there will be
no stopping it from doing well.  All it takes is time and effort... but if
you slack off or even quit, it will be the equivalent of starting all over
if you try to get things going again.  Belive me, I know... I've gone throug
h about 3 web sites before arriving where I'm at now... and what sets my
current one ahead of the rest is the fact that I've put all of my time and
effort into it, without slacking off or even slowing down a little.

Hope my little 'webmaster manifesto' helps you out, or at least gives you
some ideas.  Good luck with your site and your e-zine... don't give up on
it, even if it does get frustrating at times.  Dedication will be your key
to success.


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From: "Ray S. Whiting" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 9:53 AM
Subject: [epub] when do the numbers come?

> From: "Ray S. Whiting" <>
> This is for the daily publishers...
> How many of you (who are actually publishing daily) are doing this full
> time?  How many have a real job as well? (I mean, how many leave the house
> and go to work like normal people?)
> There isn't enough time in the day for one person to do everything that
> be done, and still spend time writing, promoting, and schmoozing for the
> zine.  So... how does everyone else do it?
> I have a day job, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to ward off
> frustration from seeing that some people seem to magically invent
> of new subscribers each month, while others (like me) aren't doing that
> well, and will probably never be able to make it large enough to attract
> advertisers so that I can do Two Scoops full time. .... or is this a
> frustration overcome with patience and waiting until momentum hits?
> How does anyone with a real job find time for daily publishing?
> --
> Ray Whiting
> or

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