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Re: [epub] Please give me a quick critique...
From: Mike Merz <>

Brian, I don't have an autoresponder loaded right now but here is the
latest issue as it is archived on my site. Thanks, Mike
P.S. Thanx for the response, Jan, and good luck to you as well...

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From: "Mike Merz" <>
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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 4:35 PM
Subject: [epub] Please give me a quick critique...

From: Mike Merz <>

Hi, Brian and the rest of the members of EPUB. I have an html newsletter
based on an e-Group, focusing on affiliate programs and associated
topics. My latest issue is here. Please give it a good once over and
please don't hold back on the  feedback.

Thanks, Mike Merz

[ Moderator: Mike, non-text attachments are removed from messages by
this list. I recommend posting an autoresponder address or asking for
volunteers if you want a critique. Good luck with the ezine! - Brian ]

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Re: [epub] Please give me a quick critique... The Tinchers
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