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Re: [epub] Web Theft
From: "Online secrets,marketingdreams" <>

Hi Michael 

I know how you must feel.

Did you publish your article only on your site
or in your E-zine as well, and is there a date
of publishing?

I would suggest that you send that person a "nice"
message, thanking him for pasting your article on his
site, and that he is now requested to correct the 
"honest" error by adding your Bio (included with your
message) at the end of your article.

You can also bring to his attention that your article 
is copyrighted long before it was published on his 
site, and that you are sure he is aware that copyright
infringement is punishable by law, and International 

Try this approach and see how it works first.

Good Luck

Osama Taha
helping marketers help themselves

--- "D.M. Werner" <> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm STEAMIN' mad.
> Any suggestions?  Somebody ripped me
> off and pasted an article of mine,
> word for word, on his Web site.
> If this has happened to you, what have
> you done about it and what effect did
> it have?
> Thanks much.
> ---
> Michael Werner,, LLC
> ---
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