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Re: [epub] Web Theft
From: "Jim Turner" <>

----- Original Message -----
From: D.M. Werner <>

> Hi.  I'm STEAMIN' mad.
> Any suggestions?  Somebody ripped me
> off and pasted an article of mine,
> word for word, on his Web site.


Did you have a Resource Box at the end of your article. That's a
practice that I've been using. I also make it clear that anyone
can take the articles and post to their site or use in their
ezine, as long as they keep the Resource Box or Sig File with the

> If this has happened to you, what have
> you done about it and what effect did
> it have?

If the person who did this is new, they may have done it
innocently and just did not know. However, if they took the
article and put their name as the author, that's a different
story... I would have to approach them about it and mention that
it's a 'legal' matter.

With regards,

Jim Turner, Publisher, Author
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[epub] Web Theft D.M. Werner
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