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Re: [epub] Web Theft

In a message dated 3/14/2000 9:44:01 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< How do others discover they've been ripped off?  >>

Generally, every 2-3 months, I go into maybe 3 of the major search engines 
and do 4 searches.

1) on my name - Ruth D. Kerce
2) on my website name - Addicted-to-Romance
3) on my webserial name - Sleeping Sarah
4) on my ezine name - *Whispers of Love*

I discovered an article this way that was reprinted without my permission.  
They'd left my byline, but stripped out my e-mail address and my website 

I also discovered what looked like (from the title of the page) one of my 
short stories duplicated on another page, but the page had been deleted from 
the person's server by the time I found it, so I don't know the details on 

This is also a good way to discover who's linking to you.  Having 
romance-related content, I've found my site listed inside some "questionable" 
sites.  LOL  But haven't complained about it - publicity, you know -- as long 
as the sites aren't too offensive, I don't really mind.  It is interesting to 
keep a watch out though, just to protect yourself.

Ruth D. Kerce  :-)
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