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RE: [epub] help a novice with site statistics terminology?
From: "info@red25" <>

Hits:  Number of times a file is downloaded from your site

These are useless, because if you have 4 images, each time someone comes
to that page it registers 5 "hits", because they downloaded the .html file 
and the four image files.  Not a true indication of site usage...normally
inflated numbers.

User Sessions:  Now we're getting somewhere.  This (I think) counts how
many times a unique DNS visits the site.  This is more of a true indication
of how many people are coming to your site.

Page Views:  This is the number of pages the people above have viewed.  
This may give you an idea of how long people stay on your site and how
many pages they "view".

I'm pretty novice as well, but I think this is pretty much right.  I'll 
await corrections and learn accordingly.


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Subject: RE: [epub] help a novice with site statistics terminology?

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Hi Osama,

Thanks for your response. I read your article.

Actually, Webtrends gives me a very, very detailed report, with
everything your article says I need and more. I'm just not sure
how to interpret the report, and an understanding of the key
terms would help a lot.

For example, it's great to say "hits are useless", but what
exactly is a "hit", and why is it useless? (Please remember I
called myself a novice.)

I'll throw them out again, with the numbers too.

Number of Successful Hits for Entire Site        5448

Number of User Sessions                            722

Number of Page Views (Impressions)        1246


Reid Wilson
Language Impact's Language Learning Website and Free Newsletter

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> Subject: Re: [epub] help a novice with site statistics
> terminology?
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> Hi Reid
> My answer to your question might seem a little odd,
> but read it with your own interest in mind.
> I think what you need is not to understand the meaning
> of the terms, but is to change the service (or script)
> you use for your traffic analysis.
> The number of hits is useless, you will need a more
> detailed, more comprehensive picture on the traffic
> to your site.
> I have written an article on what you need to know
> when it comes to traffic analysis, you can find it at:
> One of the really good services is Hitbox (I use them
> but am not affiliated to them in any way)
> They will offer you a complete picture on the traffic
> to your site , Free, and they even explain the use
> of each denominator and factor.
> Go and check hitbox, see a demo of their reports, then
> you will know what you are missing.
> I hope that helps
> Osama Taha

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RE: [epub] help a novice with site statistics terminology? reid
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