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RE: [epub] help a novice with site statistics terminology?
From: GregWatson <>


Your software may define things differently, however, here is how I
would interpret your statistics.

You had 722 visitors to your website, each visitor visited an average of
1.7 pages of your website pages.  The "hits" counter means that your
average page includes 4.4 different files (probably graphic images or
included files) ...

I didn't have time to explore your site, however, in the 60 or so
seconds I was there, I visited about 6 pages of your site ...

What this means to me is that your visitors are not "sticking" around to
explore the site.  There are lots of articles on creating "stickiness"

I *personally* didn't see any major things wrong with your website ...
so while there may be areas which you can "tweak" your website I would
start looking at how to develop more "targeted traffic" ... 

However, back to the orginal scope of this thread ... site statistics
can also help tell you where you traffic is coming from (referring
websites) ... what pages they arrive on (you might be suprised what
pages people "enter" your website on, especially from search engines)
... what your most popular pages are (i.e. how many of those total page
views are for each individual page of your website) ... a good traffic
stats program will give you that information ... I don't know if your
current stats program is giving you this information or not ...

A good traffic stats program can also filter out specific IP addresses
so if you have a dedicated IP connection your own traffic will not be
counted <GRIN>!!!!  Before I had a dedicated connection, I used to
filter out all of the traffic from my local dial-up ISP so none of my
own testing of the website showed up in the stats ... if you are not
filtering your own traffic out, your stats will include your own traffic
as well ...

Good luck and best wishes ... 

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Re: [epub] help a novice with site statistics terminology? mvg
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