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[epub] Re: EPUB.. UK lists / real time traffic watching,....
From: UKJ <> wrote:

> Message: 11
>    Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 20:54:42 -0000
>    From: "Brian Raynor" <>
> Subject: UK email lists

> My problem is this: One of the promo routes I want to try is emailing to opt-in email lists. Although I >can find providers of American opt-in email lists, I'm finding it impossible to find providers of rentable >UK opt-in email lists, preferably B2B.


Hi Brian..long time no ears ;)

Rays right about hosting your own list at one of the big
list servers, like topica, onelist,listbot etc.

I have lists & discussion groups at all 3.
I also know other Uk marketers use these services to, like
dave*E*, jimbo & gail of affiliatesuk.

Renting from B2B is a waste of time.
i NEVER subscribed to them
& yet they send my autoresponders messages.
They are nothing more than glorified spammers & a PITA.

With a few mentions of where to sign up to your new list
on both your site & in the *mill advertsier* those who
are into ezines will come, belive me.

I still get emails even now about past articles I wrote
for the mill, & the last one was what ? 2-3 months ago..

You may find that you only get 20 or so subscribers at
1st, BUT at least you'll know they ALL want to get your new offering.
If they like it, they'll spread the word.

also it may well be a worthwhile trip to various UK isp
chat room, discussion boards, if your intended audience is UK only.

Also, when you do get up & running, send me an ad & a note & I'll
give ya a mention in all mine, & help you get the word out.


Stats, hits, page views etc.

I havent really been followinng the thread on this too closely.
I have been following visitors around with the live
tracking facility offered by human click.

This is a free download & not only offers a text chat option,
BUT watching exactly where people go within your pages, where
they were refered from, what search term was used, who their
isp is, what browser they are using & seeing a total history
of their visit, has not only become veryy addictive, but
also a very useful insight into my visitors habbits.

I know from various keys in sig files & ads etc
that some surfers have my freebies ezine about 5 days before clicking

Ok, I havent sussed if this program can produce a log sheet etc, 
BUt as a real time tracker its taught me quite a few things already.

I suggest that you give it a test drive.
I cant remember the link, but I have installed the code on EVERY
page at  
you'd be surprised at how many surfers visit a page go else where
then GO BACK to pages they have already visted.

this isnt down to crappy navigation tools either.
the site is pretty clearly mapped out.

its got to the stage where I have to turn the thing off at times
as its that addictive.



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Re: [epub] Re: EPUB.. UK lists / real time traffic watching,.... Ray S. Whiting
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