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[epub] AnalogX
AnalogX is a software developer who makes some really great and
interesting programs. (No affiliation) Each week they come out with a
new release in their newsletter and I thought, in view of all the
viruses flying around, some of you might be interested the one for this

From their newsletter:
This weeks release is geared toward dealing with a problem which is
becoming more and more prevalent these days, email viruses.  AnalogX
Script Defender can be configured to intercept any calls to the system
to execute scripts - this means if you click on that .vbs file in your
email program everything isn't lost; SDefender will pop up and verify
that you really did want to execute the script!  Overall an excellent
way to ensure you don't inadvertently run something you ordinarily
wouldn't.  By default it's configured to catch Visual Basic scripts,
Windows Scripts and several other of the more common ones, but you can
also add your own script extensions to intercept as well.  For more
info, and the download go here:

(From me)
I've used some of their stuff before- Keyword Extractor- and a couple of
others. So far I've had absolutely no problems with any of them. Check
out some of their other programs at

P.S. The good news: Right now someone is searching
our directory for a business just like yours.
The bad news: You're not there.
You really should do something about that.

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

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