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Re: [epub] p - 2 new newsletters
Hi Angie,

Philip Walker (CAADE)  - If you want to spend valuable time
worrying about 'finding time' to control and send out your
newsletter, by all means do it yourself.  If however you are
very busy doing the things you need to, want to do every day
then give it to 'Topica' - and free your mind.  Just create
your newsletter and upload it and forget it.  Topica aren't
perfect, who is? - however they are the best I've come
across.  Trust me I'm a webmaster.

Philip Walker

> Hi all,
> Thank you all those who replied to my questions.  I still
am not sure as to
> the best way to start up, i.e. by using my own software or
using list
> management i.e. Topica.  Any ideas?

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

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[epub] p - 2 new newsletters angie
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