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Re: [epub] p - 2 new newsletters
I just moved my discussion list to the service at
(a pay service but very reasonable, IMO) and it's working great so far.
You can even use your own domain name for the list address. All
subscribes, unsubscribes, etc. are done by email (such as ) and it supports digests (very
nice looking ones, I might add) and web based archives. They host either
discussion or announcement (newsletter) type lists as well as
restricting subscribers, moderated lists, etc. I really wanted to get
away from the free services and, so far, this is turning out to be a
good, inexpensive alternative.

P.S. Need some resources? We could send you some.
But they're for list members only. Too bad you're not a member.
You're missing some great stuff.

angie wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thank you all those who replied to my questions.  I still am not sure as to
> the best way to start up, i.e. by using my own software or using list
> management i.e. Topica.  Any ideas?

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[epub] p - 2 new newsletters angie
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