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RE: [epub] E-publishing virgin requests some advice.
Hi Eric,

Wow...I'm usually in the learning mode with this list, but this is
something I do on a daily basis.

I would say my first piece of advice is to keep track of what you are
doing. I use spreadsheets to keep track of "what" I have sent to
"who". An example would be publication name, website url, contact name
(editor or publisher), e-mail address, article submitted and date.
This makes it very easy, especially for those that I submit to on a
regular basis. The other spreadsheet is a listing of any publication
or website that I run across in my travels that I would like to check
out or go back when I have time <g> to find contact info. As I'm sure
you can imagine, this one gets really long at times.

<<I want to get pretty wide coverage with my articles. Some
newsletters accept only submissions that have not been published 
anywhere else.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?>>

The advantage is that these publications usually have a huge
subscriber base and you would be reaching lots of targeted eyeballs in
one swoop. The disadvantage of this is time. You have to decide if the
time it takes on your part to put out a great article is worth it. I
know we have quite a few on our list that will only accept originals
and although we always intend to write articles for them
hasn't happened yet. We have some very prestigious websites that use
our articles without that stipulation (ZDTV and eMarketer to name a
few). Keep in mind that some will let you publish elsewhere after they
remove it from their homepage or a certain amount of time has passed.

We have had better luck contacting publishers directly. Another pearl
of wisdom is to check up on your stuff. We keep a portfolio with all
the urls listed by publication. We have not had any problems with
article theft that we know of (knock on wood).

Hope this helps,
Sam Hendricks
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[epub] E-publishing virgin requests some advice. Eric Graudins
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