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Re: [epub] How to get advertisers for your ezine?
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  • Subject: Re: [epub] How to get advertisers for your ezine?
  • From: Dirk Dupon <sky88639@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 18:33:56 +0200
  • In-Reply-To: <>

Of course it's important to go out and ask people if they 
are interested in advertising in your E-zine. But the original 
question came from a newbie in the field, and I didn't want 
to overwhelm the person with the "hard marketing tricks" :-) 

I just know from when I started my own E-zine(s) that I got a 
good start with getting listed in all the newsletter directories. 
From there on, I got some loyal advertisers.

Of course there's much more to on line marketing than that, 
and time is always short for us, busy publishers :-)

Dirk Dupon

>Subject: Re: How to get advertisers for your ezine?
>I agree with JP, some of my best and most lucrative
>responses have been to simply ask someone out right.
>You can be in someone's face and still be nice about
>it without offending them, ie, they always have the
>option to say no.
>Paul V

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