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Re: [epub] E-book publishing
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Denise, I've published a few e-books and can offer some suggestions.

If you go with an "e-book publisher" you may run in to some of the same 
issues as with paper publishing.  You will be restricted from using your 
material in other ways or selling it directly, without going through your 
publisher.  There are better ways for those of us who are control 
freaks.  (Not that I know anyone like that.  ;o)   )

You can create the e-book yourself, using Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or one of the 
e-book publishing programs.  I like PDF because the files can be read 
across platform by either PC or Mac.  You can sell the e-book from your 
website, as a download or deliverable by e-mail.  I got a thrill the day I 
sold my first e-book to someone in Australia!  And I didn't even have to go 
to the post office--just click "send."

You can also sell your e-book in PDF through  or  Each pays 50 - 70% of the sales price.  Mighty 
Words charges $1 a month for each file you have with them.  Don't expect 
them to market your e-books, though.  You have to drive people to the sites 
to buy them.

Another possibility is to put your masterpiece on CD-ROM. 
doesn't sell e-book downloads, but they will sell your e-book if it exists 
in tangible form, such as disk or CD.  Of course, it will also need an ISBN 
( to sell on Amazon.  You may be able to get your CD 
in other online or offline bookstores, too, once you have an ISBN.

Profit margin can be excellent on e-books, especially if you are selling 
downloads rather than physical products.  Let's say, though, that you sell 
a CD on Amazon for $19.95.  Amazon will pay about $9 in their Advantage 
program.  Your cost (including shipping to Amazon) should be $2 - $3.  That 
means you make a profit of $6 - $7.  Not bad.  From your own site, it's 
even better.

This is sort of a quick overview, but I hope you've gotten something of 
value out of it.  I'll be glad to answer anyone's specific questions as 
best I can.

Cathy Stucker
Author of "Selling Bytes, Not Books"

How low can humanity go?

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