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RE: [epub] What is the best way to get people to post?
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Hi Amanda,

The announce lists through e groups and topica are good places to start and
then there are e zine directories all over the place you can find with a
little research. One is through List-Universe I think
may have an announcement list, and then there is a e zine I get called ezine
swap which alerts you through e mail of people willing to swap ads with you.
I find swapping to be effective. I also post ads to the lists I belong to
and try to find those lists and zines that are related and targeted to those
similar to my readership so that I'm reaching the right groups of people,
rather than just getting free advertising. I don't think the free
advertising is doing me much good if it's off target.

Another thing I'm hearing that can be very effective for people is through
the writing of a promotional e book. These books are usually quite short so
it's not like there is a whole lot of work involved if you have a basic
knowledge of graphics and can adapt your book into a PDF file or a Windows
executable. This is a great way to promote services you offer, books or
ezines and newsletters. It also sets you up as an expert in your field, and
if you can partner with people that will offer your book free from their
site, rather than it just being offered at your own, then you can reach a
lot of people. I offer free promotional books from my site and have added
some design and formatting services for people who want to offer a
promotional book, but may just not know how to go about doing this. And I
know of some other sites that would offer your book free if you decided to
do this. There are a lot of sites out there just existing on an
informational basis, that offer free stuff and are directed at e publishing
of books and newsletters.

Another thing I do is an ad or signature file after my name when I post to
these lists. I think that helps a little.

If I can help you more you are welcome to e mail me at

Tonyia Young
Charm Write Publishing

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