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[epub] Picking your brains on e-zine content ...
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  • Subject: [epub] Picking your brains on e-zine content ...
  • From: "Prema" <ebistart@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 05:42:30 +0530
  • Organization: eBiStart

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A group of seasoned professionals in Professional Writing, IT, Ad Copywriting and Finance, (which, of course, includes me), from India plan to start a new business, viz., custom e-zine writing as an outsourced service, mainly for SOHO and Small / Medium enterprises. The premise is the need of e-zines for online business and the tens of thousands of busineses (or perhaps much more?) that don't run their own e-zines due to reasons like difficulty in commiting their time, inability to write professionally, etc. We propose to charge a mere US $ 10 per issue (of upto 300 words) of e-zine, written specifically for every client. For add-on services like research through the Net, we may charge fees like $ 50 or 100. The business will be successful if it becomes the 'hotmail' idea of B2B, generating numbers in their tens of thousands over 2 years or so. While I am aware that most of the members of ths forum may not need this service, I am just seeking your views on whether there will be demand for such a service in large volumes from others, if the service is top class and is promoted well with a sizeable ad budget. Thanks a lot, in advance, for your views. 


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Re: [epub] Picking your brains on e-zine content ... Ray S. Whiting
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