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Re: [epub] eZine, Newsletter, Announcement List?
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ezine and newsletter seem to be used interchangeably although some would classify ezines
to be electronicmagazines actually viewable on the Web, while newsletters come into your
email.  There are probably other distinctions that 'could' be made, but see them as pretty
much the same.

Announcement Lists, on the other hand, aren't so much about the content as the  nature of
delivery, most often made distinguishable when using one of the free services -- egroups,
topica, etc. -- because this is how THEY distinguish them from Discussion Lists.
Announcement Lists are more like mailing lists, in that mail goes one direction , from
publisher to his/her list of subscribers.  With the Discussion List, any member of the
list can send a message to the list and it will go out to subscribers.

At least... that's how I understand it.

Ray Whiting
Publisher, Two Scoops
Changing the World, Two Scoops at a time!

odge wrote:

> I've been wondering what is really the differences of this 3 terms:
>         ezine
>         newsletter
>         announcement list
> All I really know is that they are all publications, Any and all insights are > welcome.

Ray Whiting

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