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Re: [epub] Easy to get subscribers?
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Hi Roberta,

There are many easy and quick (some free) ways to get subscribers. I don't
want to go into much details, but basically there are three methods that
work wonders for me:

 - Writing articles for similar publications. Look around for ezines similar
to yours and see if they accept guest articles. Submit your articles to them
including a short 3 lines author bio with your name, company, and ezine
subscription address (either e-mail or web).

 - If your ezine is new, submit it to the various announcement lists around
the net. Brian Alt's NEW-List ( ) brought me over
300 new subscribers in less than a week. You can find more announcement
lists at

 - Run a sweepstakes. I recently discovered this one. Pick a prize *related*
to your target audience (don't offer a big pack of chocolates if you have a
diet-related ezine) and conduct a sweepstakes on your site. Be sure to ask
for as little information as possible in the entry form, include a checkbox
that if checked will subscribe them to your newsletter, and promote your
sweepstakes individually through the various sweepstakes sites like  and . Alternatively, if you can't afford a nice
prize, gather a list of companies that have a product related to your
audience and politely ask them if they would be interested in donating that
product for your sweepstakes, and in turn, you would promote their company
on your site. I'm sharing a BIG tip here, this method brought me 2,300+
subscribers last month =)

Good luck

Federico Carnales

Rhoberta Shaler wrote:

> Hello,
> In the last digest issue, Federico mentioned "it is
> easy to get subscribers (if you know how)". I would be
> delighted to hear more about the ease!  My newest ezine
> is dedicated to those who work and the people skills
> necessary to keep a competitive edge.  It's called
> 'Speaking About Work'. How do I reach the corporate
> workers?

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[epub] Easy to get subscribers? Rhoberta Shaler
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