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Re: [epub] The Australian Community News
Hi Steve,
At 01:52  28/09/00, you wrote:

>The site is hosted in Singapore.  The option for hosting were quite small
>last year.  A number of companies have recently come into Singapore who may
>be able to resolve this problem.

If you have internet access, you can host in any country in the world.
Many US hosts provide great service, low cost, and fast connection speeds.

My web site shows how you can set up your website to change hosting 
companies very quickly and easily.

Please contact me if have any questions.

from Tasmania, Australia:
the land down under

WebAngels - helping you protect your internet business.
We'll show you how to take control of your domain name.
email:  website:
GPO Box 370, Hobart Tasmania Australia 7001

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[epub] The Australian Community News Cantu from
Re: [epub] The Australian Community News Steve Peters
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