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[epub] text to html it's easy with WordPerfect
Cantu says,
I type my ezine in WordPerfect.

Then I put it into my Yahoo email account which is set
to format it to 55 characters wide so when subscribers
receive it, it doesn't break weird.

I distribute it my subscriber via eGroups. Type in one
address, press enter key, and it's gone.  No sorting
address, adding or deleting subscribers.

Then when I go to archive on my web site, I open my
ezine issue in WordPerfect, then go to file, and in
the drop down menu I open the Internet Publisher tool.

There is an option to simply save (i.e., convert) the
file as an html text.

But I use the ‘publish to html' option and it
instantly saves the file as a html file and saves it
as a second copy so I still have my text copy for text

Those are the cheap and easy tools I use to publish
four ezines (one monthly, one twice a month and two
weekly) and archive three of them on the web as well.
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