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Re: [epub] Hi All, Question About Worldwidelists
>I receive many subscriptions from World Wide Lists.  I havent been able to 
>import them to Smartgroups yet.  But I doubt that many will join.  I sent 
>them a welcome letter awhile back telling them how to subscribe to 
>smartgroups, but not ONE did so.  Yesterday they sent me 67 subscriptions  
>most had the word bread in it.  They would just change it to abread  or 
>1bread or something.  I told them they can't take those addresses 
>I have cancelled my subscription.  I owe them $40 some dollars and so far I 
>have gotten no one to sign up at Smartgroups.  Shelley

These services aren't for everyone.  Not being able to import addresses 
makes it difficult.  I am surprised that no one responded to your welcome 
message, though.  I have found that the subscribers have been very 
responsive and add new life to our lists which encourage reader feedback.


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