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[epub] Oops a belated correction re:html conversion
Cantu says in a previous post of a few days ago I

> Then when I go to archive on my web site, I open my
> ezine issue in WordPerfect, then go to file, and in
> the drop down menu I open the Internet Publisher
> tool.
> There is an option to simply save (i.e., convert)
> the file as an html text.
> But I use the ?publish to html' option and it
> instantly saves the file as a html file and saves it
> as a second copy so I still have my text copy for
> text needs.

Actually it is my web mistress who does the web stuff.

I should learn to keep my mouth shut when it comes to
things technical. She says:

I open the ezine file as an html text in WorPerfect.

But then I cut and paste text only. I preare for our
web templates using Netscape so I get a WYSIG version
of text and I also use ultra edit.

I do not use WordPerfect 'publish to html' option.

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