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Just to add to the discussion about contacting egroups. :-)

I just went there to ask about their ad text rates (I'm starting to look at
paying for ads along with an increasing number of swaps with like-sized or
like-target newsletters)

I got put to a Yahoo information page (not surprising) but when I filled
out the form, I neglected to include a company name.  Heck, I'm running
this under my own name.  It wouldn't take the form - told me I had to have
a company name and then invalidated the rest of the information I had put
in.  When I back-buttoned the browser - all the information had disappeared
and they want me to input it all again.  Sloppy programming. ;-)

So - egroups not only didn't answer my questions about problems on their
site (I've now moved my list) they don't want to take my money in

Somebody should give those folks a gentle slap up across the side of the
head to wake them up. :-)


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