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On Sat, 28 Oct 2000 21:13:45 -0400 "Jim Turner"
<> writes:
> Here is an example of the latest scheme that is going on with some
> members. 
> 3. Send an email to each member in the list below. 
> 4. Add your account email address to the list
> below where your name is in the XXXXX. If there are less than 10
> names, add it to the last location. If there are more than 10
> names, add your name to # 10 and move everyone up.

Classic pyramid scheme. Main difference is that it doesn't ask the sucker
to send money.

Assuming every recipient obediently follows orders it would take ten to
the tenth power unique addresses by the time it got down to you.
10,000,000,000 is still higher than the world's population, I believe.

The Web would be doing nothing but processing autoresponse emails long
before it got that far.

Margaret I. Carr
Visit to read T-zero Xpandizine
Watch for EPRESS-ONLINE, coming soon!

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