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[epub] Fellow EPUBers, I need your assistance...
  • To: epub@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [epub] Fellow EPUBers, I need your assistance...
  • From: "Mike Merz" <merzy05@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:52:42 -0000
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Hi, group.
As some of you may already know, I publish a daily newsletter, Top 5: 
Internet Marketing News. My preference has always been to use an html 
format, which has it's drawbacks, as not everyone can view it through 
their respective e-mail clients, browsers, etc.
(Brian has provided some wonderful info on formatting 
To combat this, I send each edition out with only a basic summary,
and a link to it's archived web location.

For example:

"Hi And Welcome To Top 5. 

It's Monday help deaden the pain, Top 5 offers the 
following: Tips from Azriel Winnett and by Roy Cook, today's featured 
article from Ron Knowlton, add javascript mouseovers to your webpage 
the easy way (JavaScript MouseOver Creator 2.0), and get paid for
just about any (legitimate) click-through method you can think of 
(, plus much more.

Read the rest of the newsletter on the web:
< >

Best regards, Mike Merz"
(This is the summary I sent out to subscribers yesterday)

Using this method has totally eliminated adverse subscriber feedback 
regarding it's viewability, and reduced my unsubscribe numbers to a 
scant few. One of the "cons" is making my subscribers, and potential 
subscribers, leave my initial message in order to access the rest of 
the newsletter. 

The reason I am bringing this up to the group is two fold:

1)I believe that each of us should provide as much info regarding our 
backgrounds, current campaigns and interests, etc., as possible to 
create a comfortable interactive atmosphere. The more we know about 
each other, the better.

2) What better audience than your peers, in this case fellow 
ezine/newsletter publishers, to receive useful feedback.

Please do me the favor of checking out the aforementioned edition of 
Top 5, and give me your opinions from a subscriber's point of view, 
and I will do the same for anyone else that feels that my, and other 
fellow groupmember's, "critiques" will aid in bettering their 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation
(I hope it leads to some very helpful interaction...for all of us).

Mike Merz
Top 5: Internet Marketing News
Featured At

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