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Re: [epub] eGroups deleted some of my groups without telling me?!

"Geof F. Morris, Chief Editor, Sports" wrote:

>         I guess this is my time to state my general displeasure with eGroups and
> suggest that people find other, non-free ways to publish ezines.
>         I think the days of zero-cost-to-entry for ezine publishers are soon going
> away.  I think it's going to start requiring a little capital cost, which
> will produce two types of ezines:
>         1)  Those funded by people with a love for their art.
>         2)  Those funded by people with a love for their ego.
>         The first will succeed, and have succeeded.  The latter will fail.
>         GFM

I would have to agree.  I continue to be glad that I left eGroups at the start of the
merger into Yahoo.  I had purchased Aureate Group mail and was using their addon
Subscriber module to handle subscribes and unsubscribes... then I discovered that
module wasn't deleting nearly as effectively as it was adding.

- I have set up Pegasus with distribution lists.   emails are sent to or, with a subjectline of either
Subscribe or UNsubscribe.
- I have filters set up for "Subscribe"  and "Unsub"
- emails hitting either filter
        - 1. get moved into the Join or Leave mail folders
        - 2. address gets added or removed from the appropriate list.
        - 3. a text file is returned confirming the person was either added or

(If that confirmation email is returned as a bad address, I'll know immediately to
remove that new name.)
(when getting a bunch from worldwidelists, a bulk message can be sent out to just that
bunch, and again, bouncing addresses are removed)
On mail-out days, I go into Aureate Group Mail, delete last week's list, import the
current list, and send out individual mails showing the subscriber address in the
first line (this is for folks who have mail forwarded, they can immediately see what
address *I* used for sending the newsletter, regardless how they had it forwarded
after that).

It "sounds" confusing, but once it is set up, it is SOOO easy.

The benefit is that my list of subscribers isn't sitting on some webserver "out there"
for others to hack into, and I'm not paying someone else to do it for me.  This is
important because I make almost no money from  this ... yet.

As for who will survive and who will not... good observation, Geof.  !     I write
because I'm a writer and I have to  write.   Even though my audience is still small, I
know it is read for the content (duuhhh... there's no ads!).  If I were doing this
just to be an e-publisher, riding the wave of ezine-for-money business, I would have
quit long ago and found another venue.  I do it for the writing and the interaction
with readers who write back.

Ray Whiting

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Re: [epub] eGroups deleted some of my groups without telling me?! Geof F. Morris, Chief Editor, Sports
Re: [epub] eGroups deleted some of my groups without telling me?! Geof F. Morris, Chief Editor, Sports
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