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RE: [epub] mailing solution
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  • Subject: RE: [epub] mailing solution
  • From: Rob Charles <rob.charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 19:47:39 -0600
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I agree I would not want to take chances on relying on just anyone to get 
my mailing out either, and that is why I would do some research and choose 
a host company with a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist me in 
helping me get my newsletter out.  I know of one that guarantees 100% 
uptime, 100% satisfaction, 17 hour/day human tech support, dedicated sales 
reps, guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time or less on all support inquiries, 
and is also the largest Lyris hosting company in the world, housing over 75 
servers.  And you get all of this for $1 CPM.  That company happens to be 
SparkLIST.  Even though I just blatantly promoted SparkLIST, I think that 
you have to ask yourself what you want to accomplish out of your newsletter 
to determine what you will need from your host company.  Once you have that 
figured out, you will want to look for some of the things that I mentioned 
above.  If you are mailing out thousands or millions of messages per month, 
you obviously need to choose a company that can handle that type of volume, 

I would be happy to talk about this in greater detail if you would like to 
give me a call.

Best Regards,

Rob Charles
SparkLIST Email List Hosting, Promotions & Management Service
Recently named Editor's Choice in PC Magazine!
Tel: +1 888-SparkNET, ext 216 or +1 920-490-5901, ext 216
Fax: +1 920-490.3399 -

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