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Re: [epub] Switching a subscriber list to a free service
Hello Katherine
Most people are quite forgiving and understand that we all make
mistakes - provided you're humble and honest about it.
Your error does not rate very high in the inconvenience
and irritation scales.
Here's what I would do:
Just as you've opened up to the list and told us what you've
done, tell your list - honestly - that you have been managing manually and
would like to move to egroups - for greater efficiency and the
benefit of the list members.
Ask for suggestions and comments.
(1. For those who already subscribe to other lists at eGroups,
methinks tis no hassle. All they have to do is logon with their
egroups i/d. 2. Yes, you will lose some irritable nitpickers -
but you would lose those anyway, the first time you make a
Then switch with your 3rd or 4th mailing - preferably don't do it with
your very first (bad news in the 1st mailing creates a poor 1st impression).
Once people are satisfied with your content and quality, they will follow
you anywhere!


Harry Neelam

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[epub] Switching a subscriber list to a free service KKhalife
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