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Re: [epub] Reader Participation
At 09:04 AM 11/18/00, you wrote:
 >Hi all -
 >Long time and I've been lurking for the most part.  But now I have
 >a question for you.
 >Homefires Hearth is dependent upon its readers.  I ask for answers
 >to questions and recipes.  We've grown quickly and are at almost
 >4600 subscribers.  But now, I'm finding FEWER responses to my
 >questions rather than more!  For example - this week I asked for
 >favorite holiday baking recipes.  I got just ONE recipe.
 >Why is it that when I had 400 readers, I had tremendous response,
 >but with 10x that number I have to beg for replies?

	I suggest keeping the regularity of your requests up, and that you track 
who responds and go back to them and ask.  Also, in whatever subscription 
notice you send, it might be good to include a short statement about how 
you ask for recipes, etc.

	Involve 'em all the time--it'll take a little more of your time, but it 
will be rewarding.


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