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Re: [epub] Listserver question

If you don't have thousands upon thousands of addresses, you can do it quite
well with Pegasus, the worlds BEST email program -- it's free, it has
filtering possibilities beyond many commercial email packages, and it works
with multiple domains.  I can't find anything bad to say about Pegasus -- I
use it for managing Two Scoops and You Are The Light.  The script for
automatic subscribing/unsubscribing I got from William Bontrager's
Willmaster Possibilities ( his MasterSubscriber Pro, one
of the most reasonably priced, effectively-functioning scripts I've found,
and it works perfectly with the filtering and distribution list management
tools in Pegasus.   And MasterSubscriberPro can be configured for 1, 2, 3 or
more mailing lists -- a GREAT feature so that people visiting ANY of your
websites can easily subscribe to any or all of your publications from one

I also have Aureate GroupMail, which is available in a free or paid version.   It allows bulk mailing (free version) or merge-mail to
personalize (paid version), but the add-on automatic subscriber doesn't
always unsubscribe when people ask to be removed.  William's script and
Pegasus handle all aspects of list management superbly!   I haven't figured
out Pegasus' merge function yet (don't even know if it has it), but these
tools combined make for the BEST self-management system I have found.  I
like it even better than the web-based ezine management programs that I have

My biggest concern with having your list on a web-based management system is
that your list is on your server.  If someone wants it bad enough they'll
find a way to get it!  I keep my lists inside my home computer (with
backups!  duuhhhh)  and it goes out blind.   (I should also mention that
William Bontrager builds in an email hiding feature so people can subscribe
at your website and their address isn't visible to intruders.)

There maybe a few minor adjustments toward running a moderated list, but you
don't have to keep your computer on.  Check in 2-3 times a day (depending on
the volume, of course).  Have you noticed that this epub list is moderated?
Messages come in bunches throughout the day, not a steady dribbling
stream -- you can do the same from your computer!

Ray Whiting, Publisher of
"Two Scoops" (Simple Living, Two Scoops at a time)
"You Are the Light" (Practical Spirituality)

| If I was to want to move my list from eGroups to a pay service or
| program to do my mailings as I run a moderated list, what are the best
| programs for the best price. I can not afford the high end costs some
| come packaged with and also one that is easy to manage, and not require
| me to have my computer on all the time to act as a server, not asking
| for much am I? :) Appreciate any feedback!
| Regards,
| Mickey

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