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[epub] Re: Reader Participation

> Why is it that when I had 400 readers, I had tremendous
> response, but with 10x that number I have to beg for
> replies?

Hmmm... This seems to happen to a lot of people when their 
subscriber base grows.

If it's just the percentage of responses that's dropping, 
that's not surprising. It's a function of how the readers 
found you in the first place.

If the absolute number of responses is dropping, there's 
another problem. Those original 400 didn't leave, right?

So, the change is very likely to do with you.

I've found that most publishers, as their subscriber base 
grows, think they now have to put aside the homey, personal 
style they originally used.

As you try to be more polished, you also become less 
accessible. By accessible, I don't mean "Contactable by email" 
or "Answers mail." I mean: The reader identifies with you as a 
human being and feels contact with you.

I don't know for sure that this applies to you, but if the 
absolute number of replies is dropping as the number of 
subscribers goes up, I'd bet real American cash money it does.

The newsletters I've gotten long enough to track this with all 
(except one) show this tendency. To find out, go back to your 
earliest issues and re-read them. Then check the new ones and 
see if there's a noticeable change in style or presentation.

If you'd like an outside perspective on it from someone who 
analyzes writing styles as part of his work, send me your 
first three and last three issues and I'll be happy to take a 
look for you.

No charge, except maybe permission to do an article on the 
subject. ;)

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[epub] Reader Participation Debbie Adams
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