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Follow-up to [epub] Listserver question
This is for anyone interested in the mail-merge function of the distribution
lists in Pegasus:

Earlier I wrote:

| William's script and
| Pegasus handle all aspects of list management superbly!   I haven't
| out Pegasus' merge function yet (don't even know if it has it), but these
| tools combined make for the BEST self-management system I have found.

I have now had time to explore further.   Inside Pegasus, on the menu bar,
in Tools | Extensions, you will find the Mail-Merge extention that comes
installed with Pegasus.  Your distribution list is already in a text file
(which can include,FirstName,OtherInfo,OtherInfo,
etc.--every record listed identically in order as you want it);  then you
create your newsletter in another text file, with proper coding for the
merge fields... such as

    Dear ~~2~~;
    You are subscribed at ~~1~~

then you go to the extention manager, give it the path to your distribution
list, the path to your newsletter text file, adjust any other commands (copy
to self, receipt requested, etc.), and click Send.

Gosh....  I guess I've been doing it the hard way importing an updated
distribution list into GroupMail every week!  bwaahahaha... well, live and
learn, I reckon.

I hope this information is useful for someone else.  Having mentioned it
earlier I felt obligated to follow up.


Ray Whiting,
Publisher of Two Scoops! and You Are The :Light  and

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