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Re: [epub] Re: Eudora
Jan, if  OLM has to go in and delete them, then you aren't deleting from the
server when you download your email to your local machine.  no wonder it got
full.   always delete from the server when you download mail.  It's not a Eudora
problem, per se.

Set up Eudora to remove mail from the server once you have it, and you won't
have this problem.

Ray Whiting

"Jan Tincher, Hypnotherapist" wrote:

> Hi Kim,
> Thanks for the info.  I was just going on what my host, OLM, said, and he
> said something like: "Oh, you've got over 1000 in there.  That's too much
> for you to take out.  I'll have to do it for you."  I thought that over a
> 1000 meant not near 2000, but maybe 1000 is just the number they go by, and
> of course 4000 and better is *over* 1000.  <g>
> Hm, I just happened to think of this.  Do you think it could be your host
> allows you to have more and OLM doesn't?
> Of course, those of us who have called in plenty of times to various support
> personnel know that when you call in it depends on what the person you're
> talking to actually knows.  I called in 3 times the other day to Compaq and
> got three different answers.  You just have to call until someone gives you
> the answer that works.  :)
> Thanks, Kim and everyone who responded.  I happy to say I am now enjoying
> receiving my email from Eudora once again.
> Jan

Ray Whiting

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