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Re: [epub] Sources of content
Hi Andrew -

I nosed around the findarticles site a bit. If you go to their
"About Us" page, they provide a click-on "Contact Us" to find out
how to utilize the articles. Otherwise, so far as I know, unless
the article is listed at one of the article database, you have to
get permission.

Good Luck!

Kent E. Butler, Editor, Publisher, Custodian Engineer
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From: "Andrew Menkart" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 9:42 PM
Subject: [epub] Sources of content

: Hello,
: I am new to this list and am finding it very helpful so far.  I
am in
: the process of putting together a ezine (plain text) to send to
the list
: of website owners in my directory at my site
: I am trying to detirmine where to gather content.  I am aware
: articles that are posted with the intent of free distribution
as long as
: the content and credits remain intact.  My question concerns
: articles that have no such offer or intent.  Is it
legal/allowable to
: reprint an article in its entirity from a print magazine if
credit is
: given to the source magazine, author, issue, etc.?  Or would I
have to
: contact the magazine in each case to get permission?
: There is a terrific site called,
:, that has an extensive collection
: articles from certain publications. I would be a great resource
: content if it is legal to do so.
: Any thoughts?
: Thanks.
: Regards,
: Andrew Menkart

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