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RE: [epub] egroups adding subcribers over the 100 limit..NOT
Ray, I am not sure but I think you have it backwards.
When I used the free Aureate group mail it only sent personal emails
which took forever. Now I use the paid version and get to use bulk mode
which takes about an hour and a half to do 3000 html messages and about an
hour for our
1500 text messages.

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From: Ray Whiting []
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: [epub] egroups adding subcribers over the 100 limit..NOT

Using Aureate GroupMail for personal sends you need to purchase it.  You can
use the free version but it only does bulk (bcc) mailouts.

It's what I use for sending out individual mails.  the Personal send option
simply doesn't show up until you pay for it and plug in the registration

On the other hand, it IS a tolerable choice over  any of the free mailing
services like eGroups and Topica, imho.

Ray Whiting

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Re: [epub] egroups adding subcribers over the 100 limit..NOT Ray Whiting
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