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[epub] Pegasus / Mercury

Can you tell me more about Mercury?  I was under the impression it was
supposed to go on the server (either a intranet, or a Web server), but I've
just got my Win98 computer at home with a DSL connection, and then I connect
to my mail at the virtual host.   Can Mercury run like that to deliver
messages out to my  virtual host with SMTP / POP3?

I'd like to learn more, but don't want to bore others here if no one else is
interested in useful free ezine/mail-list software that performs like the
expensive brands.

Ray Whiting

Sheila King wrote:

> This is a more advanced option than running Pegasus:
> The same shareware author, David Harris, has a Mail Server, Mercury,
> that handles mailing lists. If you just have a dialup connection, there
> is a module for delivering under that type of set up.
> I'm currently running my list using Mercury. I used to host with
>, but was dissatisfied with a number of things. It's been
> about a month now, since I started running my list on my own. I joined
> this list [epub], because the list for List Owners that I used to belong
> to at Topica had too many messages specifically related to Topica and
> not about list management in general. I'm hoping this will be mostly
> about the latter.
> Mercury and Pegasus also have mailing lists for support. You can find
> them here:
> The Pegasus site is here:
> There are also Usenet newsgroups for pegasus/mercury support:
> comp.mail.pegasus-mail.misc
> --
> Sheila King

Ray Whiting

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