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Re: [epub] When to unsubscribe addresses
At 02:25 PM 12/20/00, Sheila wrote:
One of the fun, new things I have been learning this past month, 
as I have started managing my own list software, is how to 
handle and deal with bounce messages and undelivered mail.

I believe there is a balance between the amount of time that I 
should spend on this problem, and trying to retain subscribers.

I have a hotmail address, that is subscribed to my list. I took 
over control of my list on Nov. 15th (stopped using 
This person has never posted a message to my list. Some time 
after that, I started getting bounce messages from hotmail, 
saying the user's account is inactive. I set this subscription 
to "no mail" on Dec. 9th.

Reviewing hotmail's TOS, it takes 60 days of not accessing the 
account before it is set to inactive status. I have sent a few 
test messages to the account, but they all come back with the 
"inactive" message from hotmail.

Would you delete this address? Does it seem likely this person 
will ever start using their account again?

	I generally wait about a month before killing an address that 
is bouncing, unless I can determine from the SMTP errors that 
the account has been yanked.  You get better info on this from 
ISP's than you do free services.


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[epub] When to unsubscribe addresses Sheila King
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