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[epub] Re: Mass-MailingAuto-Responding Software?
Hi, Ray, John, EPUBers.
Ray, I know from previous interaction with you that you were a one 
time user/supporter of Aureate GroupMail, and have since switched to 
Pegasus. Could you list the pros and cons that made you "jump ship",  
pardon the expression?

"Out Of The Loop",
Mike Merz
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--- In, "Ray Whiting" <rwhiting@b...> wrote:
> I use Pegasus for auto replies, but your webhost may also have some
> autoresponder software already on your server to use.  Mine does 
(but I
> don't use it)
> Likewise Pegasus will distribute a newsletter just fine, showing 
> recipients or by bulk mail;  ditto for your list of promotional 
> used for press releases, etc.
> Ray Whiting

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Re: [epub] Re: Mass-MailingAuto-Responding Software? Ray Whiting
Re: [epub] Mass-MailingAuto-Responding Software? Ray Whiting
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