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[epub] HTML vs. Text
The argument for text newsletters always seems to imply that HTML 
format takes longer to read.  I'd say it's just the opposite - a well 
designed HTML e-mail is easy to read - some text newsletters are such 
a forest of underscored, dashes, and asterisks that it makes your head 
hurt working through it all.

It is a basic axiom of page layout that headings and similar features 
make a page more readable.  The relentless sameness of mono-spaced 
font e-mail formats makes good page layout - at least what is 
considered good in every other medium - impossible.

The fact that some people overuse graphics and other HTML goodies 
doesn't have anything to do with those producing well designed HTML.

The real issue as I see it is this...The challenge facing e-publishers 
is being accepted by the public and by advertisers as being 
full-fledged, professional media on par with rest of the industry.  
Like it or not...fair or not...this is not the case today.

Every other form of media conforms to high design standards.  Call it 
shallow, say it's the quality of the content that counts, say whatever 
you want...the fact is that virtually all successful publications are 
produced to high physical standards.  

It's a question of professionalism - or at least perception of 

Additionally, the cold fact is that advertisers are going to demand 
the options that HTML allows when making serious commitments.  Six 
line text ads are never going to be a high-priced standard form of 

The conclusion seems unavoidable to me - it is largely HTML format 
publications that will make it as major, long term, viable media.

Alan Isabelle


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